What Does Snake Poop Look Like?

Charlotte snake

Dealing with Snake Poop
Most people do not think about snake poop. They do not even know what it looks like. A snake pooping is not something people often see, or have ever seen. You may not know what the poop looks like or how the snake poops. You may not know anything about it. It does not matter your age, it is not a common piece of knowledge. There is nothing special about the snake poop. While it is an uncommon piece of knowledge, it itself is a common part of the snake’s life, like the feces of any other animal. Everything about it, down to its appearance and structure, is common for the animal kingdom.

The Appearance of Snake Poop
There is nothing special about the appearance of snake poop. Small, brown nuggets, they look and smell like any other feces. The sphincter opens up and releases the feces. It is the same process as any other animal, leaving the nuggets behind. It is easy to spot the poop easily, as it looks like normal poop. If it is around your property, you can tell what it is almost immediately. As with any other feces, you do not want to touch or interact with the poop directly. It can carry bacteria and diseases that spread through contact. Keep your distance and clean it up as you would any other type of feces – safely and thoroughly.

Cleaning Up Snake Poop
Wearing gloves, boots, and a face mask, begin cleaning up the feces. Using paper towels, pick up the poop and place it in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and dispose of it. Use a hose to clean up any residue. Safe cleaning products and a deodorizer can help keep the area bacteria- and odor-free.

No More Poop
To avoid having the poop return, you have to get rid of the snake or snakes, if you have not already. So long as the snakes continue to be there, you will continue to have a problem with their poop. Traps, exclusion, and professional removal are all options. Getting rid of the snakes is not an impossible task and is incredibly important for the overall safety of your property. Start the process now so that your property remains in good condition. Snake poop is a lot like other types of poop, even down to how annoying and troublesome it can be. Remove it, and the snake, soon before problems begin to rise. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Charlotte